Served with Signature Gabrizio Chips   

Regular or Gabrizio Chips 


mortadella with pistachios - swiss cheese  aurora sauce - garden greens

Served on a house baked croissant



double mozzarella - fresh tomatoes - genovese pesto - tomato tapenade - garden greens

Served on ciabatta, recommended cold



prosciutto - fresh mozzarella -  salame  provolone - grain mustard  - spring mix

Served on ciabatta, recommended cold


The Bee and the Brie 

Brie - local honey - peach chutney - walnuts - olio piccante

Served on baguette, recommended warm


Grilled MPS 

mozzarella -  provolone - swiss cheese  

Served with tomato soup on sliced brioche.


Honey roasted turkey - swiss - bacon  

90 minute garlic spread -garden greens

Served on wheat wrap

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